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JuanRa Montero

Choco-Hazelnut | Cassis | Orange


Origin : San Isidro de León Cortés, Tarrazù, Costa Rica

Farm : Monteroga

Lot : Tanque

Altitude : 1800 - 2000m

Crop : 2021

Variety : Catuaí

Process Semi-Washed




Recommended for:

  • Espresso
  • Super automatic espresso
  • Filter and manual brewing
  • Cold brew

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Additional information

Pioneers of biodynamic growing in the popular region of Tarrazu, Costa Rica,
JuanRa Montero and his family have come to the understanding that you must give
back to the earth as much as you take. The symbiosis between vegetation, wildlife
and soil is a priority for them who still remember how mistreated the lands were from
the 70s to 2000. All their efforts are now focused on nurturing the earth back to
fertility and its state as a living organism, on their land situated at an elevation
between 1,800 and 2,000 meters high in San Isidro de León Cortés.

To avoid using chemicals on his land, JuanRa has to make his own solutions from
by-products of the farm in order to fertilize and battle pests and disease. These are
organic solutions he had to elaborate and learn from courses about sustainable
practices in the farm. All the work has to be done at a human scale, according to the
rhythm of nature. Through the years, JuanRa’s reputation has drawn agronomists’
attention as students from all over come to experiment, learn and share their findings
with one another.

In addition to coffee, the Monteros harvest avocados and granadillas. It’s a healthy
biodiversity that also allows them to diversify investments and incomes.
The coffee we purchased comes from a lot called “Tanque“, named so because the
family has a fish tank within the 2-3 hectares plantation. All around it grow Catuaí
coffee trees, of which red berries are collected at their ripest and sent to the Tio Juan
wet mill on site.

Tio Juan was created in 2014 in order to get the best results while having as little
ecological footprint as possible. First, the coffee fruits get dropped into a receiving
tank, where they are moved to a floating system using a pump that recycles the
water being used. As the good fruits sink, the defected and unripe ones are going to
float and be removed after. Equipped with a simple machine that only uses gravity,
they will then have to depulp the coffee fruits.

As the pulp is saved for use in the farm, JuanRa still has to remove the mucilage left
on the seeds. For so, he invented a tool made from a paint mixer and several
brushes. This special tool allows him to «wash» the seeds without the use of water,
before they get sun-dried on what we call African drying beds.

Thanks to Selva Coffee and Hacienda La Minita, JuanRa Montero could deliver us
this delicious coffee with notes of chocolate, hazelnut and citrus. Either as an
espresso or as a filter coffee, it goes naturally well with milk. We recommend a ratio
1:17 for a V60 brew, being 25 grams of ground coffee with 425 grams of water at 94
Celsius degrees, or a ratio 1:2 for an espresso machine, as in 18 grams of ground
coffee for a total of 36 grams liquid.

The Union Microlot series seeks to promote entrepreneurs with noble initiatives and
whose coffees really stand out, and to pay respectful prices considering the labour
required and the quality resulted.

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